5Dimes Poker - For Americans 18+ Years

5Dimes is definitely one of the coolest online poker rooms that you will visit in your search for a quality site that has plenty to offer. This site comes to you from San Jose, Costa Rica, and has been in operation since the 1990s. They keep growing and expanding to become the best in the business, and are well on their way to doing just that.

Some of the things that makes 5Dimes are great online poker site include the games that are offered, including tournaments and tables. This is talked about but so too are the other parts of this online poker site that might not gain them the notoriety they get from their games. But these aspects are every bit as important. Stuff like deposit options, and how to get paid out. There isn't a poker player out there who doesn't want information on how to get their winnings. PokerUSPlayers.com gets into all of this.

Does 5Dimes Accept Players From The U.S.?

Let's start at this topic here, because it's an important one to address. 5Dimes is based in Costa Rica; we established that in our introduction. U.S. Federal law does not allow online poker sites to run in the U.S. Now there are sites that do based on state laws passing them, but for the majority of states who defer to federal law sites are not allowed. 5Dimes fits in perfectly for this, allowing USA players from every state to play here.

Is 5Dimes Legal For USA Players?

We somewhat got into this topic just above, talking about U.S. federal law and what it says. 5Dimes is legal for U.S. players because of the fact that 5Dimes' online poker site is based in Costa Rica. Federal law has no jurisdiction there, and as a result users can sign up and create an account with breaking federal law.

How To Get Started Playing Online Poker At 5Dimes

Get started right away with 5Dimes Poker and have your account created in minutes. The process is as easy as it can get. Simply fill out the info through the 'join now' page and you will be good to go. A login will be created which will be your email address, and you will get to create your own password to access your account. There isn't a fee to set up nor any other charges associated with an account at 5Dimes.

Depositing Into 5Dimes + Poker Funding Options

There are more than a few different ways to deposit into 5Dimes Poker accounts. There are credit cards and other transfers that can take place. 5Dimes deposits get you playing very quickly.

Bonuses offered at 5dimes

5Dimes doesn't have a specific poker bonus, but they do have some general bonuses that include reloading an account and cash back rewards. Check out 5Dimes for a complete listing of bonus programs that they have for their players on site.

Getting paid out by 5dimes + Poker Payout Options

5Dimes treats players to some great payout choices, of which one might be our favorite of all. See what can be done to get paid out from 5Dimes on all of your poker winnings, below.

Playing Real-Money Online Poker At 5Dimes

Always trying to improve, 5Dimes has updated their gaming software for the smoothest run games on the Internet. This goes for both table games and different tournaments.

5Dimes Tournaments + Tables

There are a wide variety of things to play, such a bad beat jackpots, re-entry tournaments, 7-card stud, bounty and knockout tournaments, straddle tables, chop pots, time-based tournaments and plenty more.

Inside the downloadable poker client is where all of the limits for 5Dimes' poker games are listed - click here to download 5Dimes Poker software. The same goes for the tournaments and the structure. There is a daily tournament schedule for users interested in getting in on daily action.